The Work Ethic Distinction was originally developed as part of a Labor & Education Alignment Program (LEAP) grant awarded to TCAT Morristown in coordination with school systems and area industry partners in surrounding counties. While originally implemented in Northeast Tennessee, the program has added partner schools throughout the state and is available to any school system in Tennessee.

Intended to promote the importance of work ethic among high school students, the Work Ethic Distinction is awarded to those who successfully demonstrate a number of standards. Recognizing the value of these standards, participating employers agree to grant an interview to any qualified applicant who applies for an open position and has successfully completed the Work Ethic Distinction.

To help school systems and students track their progress toward the Work Ethic Distinction, the WE Track database was developed. WE Track allows students to engage with the program throughout their senior year, while also giving school staff the flexibility to effectively track the program. Additionally, WE Track allows participating employers to recruit from a pool of attractive potential hires who have already demonstrated their work ethic. With support from the State of Tennessee and independently managed by The Niswonger Foundation, WE Track is an integral part of the Work Ethic Distinction and continues to receive updates based on student, school system and employer feedback.

If you would like to learn more about implementing the Work Ethic Distinction and WE Track database, we'd love to hear from you!

Work Ethic Distinction Standards

Work Ethic Distinction Standards Guidelines

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